Check Voter ID Card Status Online

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India being a parliamentary democracy holds elections every 5 years. These elections are held all over the country and are an important aspect in deciding the fate of Indian government. According to the Indian law, a citizen has to be 18 years of age and should have a registered Voter’s ID card. Every year the Voter’s ID list gets updated. Names of Individuals who register each year are updated on this list.

This is obvious you’ve already registered for voter id card, so it should not take upto 2 months to reach your voter card in your hand.

However you should consider tracking your voter id card status for further communication and to keep record of progress, just a note before taking you to the guide, your voter card status appears after week of registration.

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The main advantage of checking voter id card status online is you don’t have to visit election officer every time just to know the progress made in voter id card application, below we have stated the information on how to check voter card status by name.

How to Check Voter ID Card Status Online

  1. Begin the process of checking voter id card status by visiting the CEO website of your province for say if you’re from Bihar look for BIHAR CEO
  2. Here click on links given on text like – Check Your Enrollment Status, Application Status, Election ID Status etc.
  3. If you’re find any of the links as stated above click on it.

  4. This will redirect you to another page containing a form which allows you to check voter id card, fill all the asked fields like name, date of birth, application no. etc. and click search button to check status of your voter card.
  5. Here in the search result find you name and other information written in reference to your voter id card status.